Bring Wellness Home

We understand that each of our customers has unique needs and desires, which is why we've designed our hot tubs and swim spas to meet a variety of needs, from relaxation and stress relief to therapy and rehabilitation. Our products can improve circulation, skin health, and immune systems while promoting weight loss, flexibility, and better sleep. Our hot tubs and swim spas are perfect for year-round use, personal retreats, socializing, and entertaining.



Coast Spas hot tubs provide a luxurious and relaxing experience with a variety of seating arrangements and powerful jet configurations.

Stress Relief

The hydrotherapy jets in Coast Spas hot tubs offer a powerful massage experience to help reduce stress and tension in the body.


Pain Relief

Coast Spas hot tubs are designed with strategic jet placements and intensities to target specific areas of the body and help alleviate pain from conditions like arthritis, etc.


Muscle Recovery

The hydrotherapy jets in Coast Spas hot tubs can help speed up muscle recovery after exercise and reduce soreness.



Improved Sleep

Coast Spas hot tubs offer a tranquil and serene environment that can promote deeper and more restful sleep.



Spa Winterizing starts at $299

Have your spa professionally winterized for the cold winter months. This will give you peace of mind that, in the spring when you start it back up, there will be no issues or freeze damage.

Water Testing

Have your water tested with our advanced spin lab water testing machine. This can tell you in depth what really is going on with your spa's water chemistry.

Full Parts & Service Department

Our Certified Coast Spas Technician can help you find the part you need or come to help service and repair your spa on location.

Spa Moving Starts at $399

Price may increase with the difficulty involved in the move, the mileage the spa needs to be transported, and the size of the spa being moved. A site visit is usually recommended.